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This site is dedicated to bringing awareness to animal organizations and charities, while educating the public on animal issues. Animal Connection, the show, is another way for us to get our information dispersed, but in a fun and entertaining way.

We will show the connections between animals and humans. We are all in this world together, whether we like it or not. We hope to motivate people to make small changes in their own lives, so it has a positive impact on all humans and animals. We want people to do what feels right to them and is easily incorporated into their daily lives.

Please send us feedback, news, stories, etc. This site, and the show, are for you. We are not here to judge anyone, but to open dialogue on many issues. A lot of the information we get comes from our viewers and readers.

If any of your animals have passed away, and you want to post about them on our “Animals Remembered” page, feel free to do so.

Please visit our links on the right side of this page. They tell you more about our mission, the people involved and how YOU can post information or remember a special animal.

About Our Show
“Animal Connection," the show, brings awareness of how inextricably linked all living things inhabiting the earth really are. Some of these relationships— connections— are already broken, some are in grave peril, but many are healthy and getting stronger. As our human population grows and our footprint enlarges, the often delicate balances along the boundaries change. Our show will reveal these shifting links between humans and animals; we will see through the eyes of the species whose lives are interwoven, either by design or circumstance.

Our show will take viewers on a journey. We will go behind the scenes of animal organizations like shelters, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, training centers, preserves, and more, all across the country. We will get an insider's view into what it takes to keep a shelter running or how animals caught between wildness and domestication are trained and fully integrated into captivity or released back into the wild.

We will also closely examine the connections that have developed with domesticated animals that live and work alongside humans. Additionally, we will look at the complex relationships that evolve in circumstances that bring people and animals together by accident. Whether we are in the rainforest or in an inner city dog pound, we have connections with the animal world that are fascinating, evolving, and critical to our survival.

Of course the Animal Connection will be fun and entertaining as well. Many celebrities and professional athletes are animal lovers and lend their names to animal causes. We will have several guest celebrities who will show viewers how they have connected with animals and how their lives have changed as a result. Donating money is not the only way to help animals, so we will include things that all of us can do and show how our actions, locally, regionally, and globally affect animals. The Animal Connection Hot Tip of the Day will contain useful information for viewers wanting to get more involved or tips to help our audience make small changes in their daily routines that, in the end, have an impact on the natural world.

The purpose of our show is not to judge or condemn, but to bring awareness to the consequences, positive, negative, and neutral, that occur as we learn to coexist with all the inhabitants of our planet. We hope to inspire viewers to make their own connections with animals and the natural world, in ways they had not thought about before and in ways that fit into their lifestyles.

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